Skeleton Watches Make You Smarter


When you wear a skeleton timepiece, it doesn’t necessarily raise your IQ or help you win at “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, but it does convey a message to any watch connoisseur and those in the vicinity that you appreciate the fascinating craftsmanship that goes on behind the price tag and the prestigious branding. The growing fascination of the inner workings of any luxury timepiece has made the skeleton watch rightfully and increasingly popular.

Any watch expert can tell you the precision and nearly painstaking dedication it takes to create perpetual movement on your wrist. Surprisingly enough, many people wear these masterpieces without the realization of what goes on inside, and what it took to make them. This is where the Skeleton watch steps in to literally show everyone how it all works. The miniscule gears and balances perpetuating each other tirelessly is truly like a symphony to behold.

Flashy? Perhaps a bit. Smart? Definitely. So the next time you decide to spend extra on that gaudy diamond bezel, remember that the skeleton watch does exist, and for great reason. To each his/her own, and the skeleton watch strikes the right cord with me, every time.


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