Will Smartwatches take over Analog Watches?

Previously, we showcased some of the features of Google’s smartwatch. They included some pretty impressive utility/hardware and seems to have endless possibilities for new apps to pop up from genius developers in the future. But will these smartwatches completely replace analog watches like they did to beepers and analog cell phones?

The smartwatch can be future-proof as far as software and firmware to keep up to date on the latest features, but will these smartwatches be released much like smartphones where the newest one is always going to be the best? If this is the case, the timeless mechanical beauty and longevity of analog luxury watches will have the edge when it comes to long-term value and sentimental meaning.

What can the smartwatch do that a smartphone can’t? Some people may prefer to wear their Rolex, Cartier, etc. and just use their smartphone for day to day tasks. If the smartwatch can bring something to the table that smartphones can’t, aside from not having to pull it out of your pocket and maybe looking cool on your wrist, the new breed may have something going for it.

This brings a somewhat of an oldschool versus newschool mentality. There will be the purists who have been collecting beautiful and rare analog watches for years and truly appreciate the mechanical nuances of our original luxury watch. On the other hand, innovation and technology has brought us to a new level of efficiency and productivity.

Personally, as a huge fan of both technology and high end timepieces, it will be very interesting to see how the story unfolds. Only time will tell how truly good these smartwatches may be, or the world just may not be ready for them if they fall short on utility. Google glass anyone?



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