Watches in Movies/TV that your Favorite Celebrities Don on the Big Screen

Omega-Seamaster-Skyfall-1Probably the most popular publication of luxury watches on the big screen is from the 007 franchise. The late actors of 007 Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig have both flashed the Omega Seamaster while blasting baddies and saving the world. Before this time, from the 60’s to mid 90’s the watch of choice for the spy agents were the Rolex Submariner.


In one of the most wildly popular series today, Robert Downey Jr. sports a Jaeger LeCoultre watch in his Iron Man movies. Being a billionaire in the movie, it only makes sense he would be donning a highly luxurious watch.


Audemars Piguet has been known to adorn some of the most prominent figures from various career paths. One of the more interesting prospects is the watch made for musical superstar Jay-Z. The limited edition watch was accompanied by a luxurious price tag. With a good working relationship, Jay-Z can be seen wearing plenty of Audemars watches on TV.

Another superstar who has a great working relationship with AP is the man of multiple talents, Mr. Schwarzenegger himself. With his long standing relationship with the prominent brand, he has worn them in movies such as End of Days and the Terminator series.

With so many watches being manufactured now, the quality and standard of luxury watches has risen to a point where now most companies are creating extremely stylish and intricate timepieces. Next time you watch TV or go to the movies, keep an eye out for the watch your favorite actor/actress is wearing and you just may notice your favorite brand. Which model would you adorn on the big screen?


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