Why the Rolex Sky Dweller is the Most Impressive Rolex to Date


The name Sky Dweller directs its aim at those who travel a lot. Most likely flying between time zones and of course, dwelling in the sky. This is exactly why the first Rolex watch with dual time zones and an annual calendar to boot is one of the hottest timepieces in the world of luxury watches.

With a fluted bezel, this model looks similar to that of the regal Day-Date flagship watch, but make no mistake, this is by far the most complex timepiece Rolex has delved upon. The off-center circle in the dial represents your home time – the time-zone you will be returning to after your travels. The local time is rendered via center hands which are also connected to the date. The simplicity yet functionality of this dual time zone Rolex is as easy as it gets to both use and recognize. This is exactly what Rolex was going for.

The annual calendar is also a new an genius implementation. January is represented by the small rectangular slot outside of the time track of 1 o’clock, February at 2 o’clock and so on.

Date, local time and reference time are all set from the position of the bezel before accessing the crown! This is something completely new and very clever of Rolex and requires the crown only have 1 position. This may be the most prominent and interesting feature of the watch, while consisting of it’s own patent and 60 individual components. The movement of the Sky Dweller itself has 7 patents and is the most complicated model to date!


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