Prepping your Luxury Watch for Auction or Selling

At long last, most likely after a good run of quality, it may be time to upgrade, or maybe you just need the extra money. Either way, you want your timepiece to exceed any buyers expectations. Given that you’ve taken necessary cautions in maintaining your watch, you can follow these simple rules to upsell your watch for the highest value.

Examine. Take a very close look at the luxury watch you want to sell. Inspect it carefully for scratches or scuffs. Check the functions to see if it still can tell the correct time and make sure there no external parts that are loose or missing. Write down the flaws so that it will be easier to keep track of when you need to have it fixed.

Repair. The most important thing in a luxury watch is if it can tell the time precisely. It does not matter if the luxury watch is a vintage or a new one, but if has no ability to tell time, surely no buyer will ever be interested in it. If your luxury watch is not working, go to a watch repairman and have it fixed. Maybe he/she needs to change the battery or there is something to be fixed on its mechanism. While you are there, have them replace missing parts or oil the internal gears.

Clean. It is up to you if you want to do it on your own but make sure that you know how to properly handle and clean your luxury watch. There are varying limitations on each model so search on the Internet on the correct ways to clean your timepiece and make them look as good as new. If you have no cleaning prowess, send it to a professional who will do it for you. Inform them that the watch is for selling so that they know to make it look new. They will also be able to professionally polish any scuffs and scratches.

Prepare. Prepare your luxury watch to meet its new owner. You have repaired and cleaned it thoroughly but you also have to prepare its papers. If you are selling your original designer luxury watch, include its certificate of authenticity. If your watch is still within the warranty period, don’t forget to include the necessary proof for this. If your luxury watch is a vintage or a limited edition, hand in its history, references and have them authenticated and notarized. If you still have the box, that will be a big plus as well.

Pricing. This is an important factor when selling your luxury watch. You must have the correct selling price of your watch based on its market value. Most luxury watches when sold decrease their prices from 30 to 60% of their original prices. Make sure that your asking price is in the correct range and prepare valid information, history, reasons for selling and proof. You can find the basics to being a good salesman on Google.

On the other hand, there are luxury watches that increase in value after stock runs out, especially the vintage watches with a vivid and limited history which make them so rare. Remember to know everything and anything about what you are selling, before you actually sell it, and you will get the maximum profit in selling your watch.


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