Top Brands of Luxury Watches

Here are the some of the top brands of luxury watches. These brands offer the best of the best luxury watches, not to mention their stylish designs, high precision, innovation and often luxurious price tags.


Who does not know Rolex? It is not only the most popular brand but its luxury watches are the most sought after by both men and women. When people see you sporting a Rolex luxury watch they can tell right away how much you have in your bank (more those who don’t have a Rolex). Mind you, Rolex is the only brand which rarely offers discount prices of their watches. Influential, powerful and wealthy people wear Rolex because it is good for their image. Many people enjoy the classical influence of the watch and the already established name brand. Others swear by the excellent movement and features. There is no doubting that Rolex has been, and will continue to be one of the most popular watch brands in the world for years to come.


Omega has not yet surpassed the popularity of Rolex but it is still a big name in retail industry. Its luxury watches become instant stars as they grace the film industry with the James Bond movie, which was once starred by Rolex. It has also become the official timekeeper during the Olympics in 2008.


Patek Philippe
This brand manufactures some of the most expensive watches in the world. Some of these watches are so rare you may have to end up waiting months or even close to a year before you can get one. You may not have heard of it but wait until you hear its prices – you may never want to hear it ever again. Its luxury watches are designed to impress you with their latest technology. Each model of is equipped with the most complicated features for a watch. This brand is often associated with the royals, big celebrities and most important political figures.


Cartier caters to both luxury and practicality. Yes, average earners can afford to lavish themselves with a luxury watch from this luxurious brand but this does not take away from the prestige that Cartier has magnificently held through the years. Their impeccable designs will make you drool as some of its watches are adorned with the best precious stones. With these watches, you can easily go from classic to casual.


Tag Heuer
A watch that screams “Are you man enough to wear me?”. A luxury watch from Tag Heuer seems to be the ultimate dream of many men out there. Tag Heuer is famous for its wide array of diver’s watches. Wearing this watch suggest adventure and activity.


These are just some of the best known brands of luxury watches and still there are more. You don’t have to be a millionaire to own one of them nor is it necessary, but there are benefits to owning something practical as well as luxurious in a society where beauty and intricate function is appreciated.


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