How to Take Care of your Luxury Watches


Buying luxury watches is a form of investment for many people. A good fraction of their money is spent to buy these timepieces and to keep them preserved is only natural. Caring for your beloved luxury watch can be easy with the following steps.

You should get yourself accustomed to the idea of maintaining and cleaning your luxury watches regularly. You do not always need to seek professional help to do so because you can do it yourself. Before taking your time in cleaning your watches you must be knowledgeable on how they work and what they are made of.


Read the Manual

Luxury watches come with their own manual so make sure you read it thoroughly. This way you are aware on how your watch works and which elements are best to avoid while wearing them. There are also tips on how to clean and where to store them. Generally, most luxury watches should avoid water even if it is a water-resistant watch. If gets wet, wipe them dry as soon as possible. Another basic tip you can read from the manual is to never drop your watch. Some watches may be equipped with shock absorbers but the intricacies on the interior of the watch can be easily damaged from trauma.



It is always important to properly store your watch. The box it came in is an ideal place to keep them but make sure that when you store them in the box, they are not wet with perspiration. Wipe them first.  Do not leave them anywhere with the possibility of accidental drops, breaks or scratches. Keep them in a moist-free place and hard to reach areas especially if you have children around.


Professional Service

For your luxury watches to last long, schedule a professional service for them. Even if they are still functioning and nothing seems to be in need of a repair, it is still advantageous to do routine check ups. Though they are still working well, some parts of your luxury watches may need lubrication or polishing. This will ensure that your watches are cleaned and checked thoroughly by a professional.



It is never too difficult to clean your watches. Since you may be wearing them most days, learn how to clean them. With leather luxury watches, avoid heavy amounts of liquids. If your luxury watch is made from stainless steel, use clean water, mild soap and a fine toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to get into the gaps where dirt and dust are trapped. Brush lightly and carefully.


Most luxury watches become heirlooms. When you are planning to pass them on to your children or grandchildren, maintain and care for them properly. There is nothing more special and rewarding in seeing your luxury watch, a fruit of your hard labor, still gleaming and looking brand new for generations.


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